Criminal Records

Indiana Second Chance Law

Indiana passed a Second Chance Law in 2013 which provides individuals with the opportunity to have their criminal records expunged after 5-10 years. Once the expungement is approved, the individual will no longer have to check, "yes" on job applications that inquire about previous convictions. This law is intended to help ex-offenders successfully find jobs. To read more about this law ->


An Alternative to Ban the Box Laws

A recent article by Greg Glod (August 5, 2015), proposed an interesting alternative to Ban-the-Box laws. Mr. Glog suggests that rather than placing employers and applicants into less than ideal situations, there should be a system in place to allow ex-offenders to earn the right to seal their criminal records. Once records have been sealed, the candidate would be able to honestly assert that they have not been convicted of a crime. To read more ->


Newly Re-Written PA Child Protection Law Requires Two State Checks

According to a recent article published by the New Castle News Online (by John Finnerty, January 24, 2015), a newly re-written PA Child Protection Law which went into effect in January requires anyone working with or volunteering with children to submit to two state background checks at a cost of $10 each. In addition, all school employees and volunteers who have moved into Pennsylvania in the last decade must get an FBI criminal background check, which involves submitting fingerprints. All checks must be repeated every three years.


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