Pre Employment Screening Services for Recruiting Companies

In the Recruiting Industry, employee screening services can help:

  • Protect relationships with clients – Properly screening applicants helps to protect the reputation of the company and safeguard client relationships.
  • Verify Credentials provided by applicants – Ensure education and certifications are legitimate. Verify their training and experience.
  • Ensure Compliance – Screen applicants to follow compliance guidelines of clients. Prevent theft and workplace violence.

Common Background Checks Requested:

Criminal Background Check

Check a potential employee’s criminal history to guard against theft, fraud, violent crime and other unethical conduct.  

Education & Employment History

Confirm the education and employment history of potential employees to verify accuracy and prevent hiring unreliable employees.

Professional Licenses/Certifications

Verify the legitimacy of applicants credentials and  make certain there are no disciplinary actions against them.

Consumer Credit Reports

For employees who may be working in positions involving financial responsibility, check a potential employee’s consumer credit report. Avoid hiring high-risk applicants who may misuse company funds and help prevent theft.

Companies in the Recruiting industry may also wish to conduct other screening services such as motor vehicle record (MVR) searches, OFAC searches, sex offender searches, social security administration searches and/or E-Verify searches.