Pre-Employment Background Checks for the Hospitality and Gaming Industry

In the hospitality and gaming industry pre-employment background checks are a must to:

  • Ensure the Safety of Guests and Guest Property – Protect guests and employees from workplace violence and provide a positive customer service experience. 
  • Protect the Company Reputation and Property – Comply with current legislation and reduce the cost of employee theft and embezzlement. 
  • Reduce costs of Training and Turnover – Avoid hiring unreliable employees and discourage dishonest applicants from even applying. 

Common Background Checks Requested:

Criminal Background Check

Check applicants’ criminal history in order to guard against theft, workplace violence and other unethical conduct.

Social Security Trace

Verify social security numbers of potential employees, while also obtaining any additional addresses or aliases that the applicant may have failed to disclose on the job application. 

Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Search

Screen drivers of vans and other company vehicles in order to prevent on-the-job accidents and secure the safety of passengers and cargo.

Sex Offender Search

For employees who may have contact with the public, identify convicted sex offenders who may be applying for employment in your organization. 
Hospitality and Gaming organizations may also wish to conduct other background checks such as social security administration searches, bankruptcy searches, civil record searches, consumer credit reports and drug screens.