Pre-Employment Background Checks for Education and Child Care

When it comes to hiring teachers, child care providers and other school employees, there are many good reasons to conduct pre-employment background checks.

  • Student safety – Schools frequently opt to screen all people who come into contact with students, including teachers, teachers’ aides, sports coaches and volunteers.
  • Quality of Education – Screen staff to ensure that their teaching credentials are legitimate and their training and experience can be verified.
  • School Reputation – Properly screening school employees can help protect the reputation of any school or university, and guard against negligent hiring lawsuits.

Common Background Checks Requested:

Sex Offender Search

Identify convicted sex offenders applying for employment in your school or childcare facility.

Criminal Background Check

Verify that no school-authorized personnel have been convicted of crimes of a serious nature. Find any evidence of theft, fraud, violent crime, etc.

OFAC Search

Ensure that suspected terrorists do not have authorized access to school grounds or children.

Education & Employment History

Confirm the education and employment history of potential employees such as teachers, school nurses, speech therapists, guidance counselors and school psychologists.

Social Security Trace Search

Verify social security numbers of potential employees, while also obtaining any additional addresses or aliases that the applicant may have failed to disclose on the job application.

Many other types of searches and background checks are used by educational institutions. For examples, schools often run Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) searches on van and bus drivers. Organizations may also wish to conduct other background checks such as drug screens or certification checks.