Glossary of Public Records Terms

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Dead Docket

This is a common disposition in GA and means that there is not enough evidence that shows the defendant is guilty or that he is innocent. The case is set aside. If not brought back up, the case is closed. This is not a conviction.

Deferred Judgment

The defendant has no finding of guilt. The judgment is set-aside for a specified amount of time and the defendant must comply with any conditions given to him or her. The case can be dismissed if the defendant completes all requirements.


An order of judgment finally disposing of an action, suit, motion, etc., without trial of the issues involved.

Dismissal With Predjudice

Term meaning an adjudication on the merits, and final disposition, barring the right to bring or maintain an action on the same claim or cause.

Dismissal Without Predjudice

Dismissal without predjudice to the right of the complaintant to sue again on the same cause of action.