Glossary of Public Records Terms

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This term is Latin for “that you take.” It is a writ from a judge to the sheriff or to the police, commanding them to take a defendant into custody.


Sentence taking place or existing at the same time as another.

Conditional Discharge

The defendant has no finding of guilt. The court is discharging him or her from trial on special conditions that they must abide by. If they do not abide by these conditions, the discharge may be revoked and the finding may become guilty.

Consent Decree

This is a conviction disposition commonly found in NM. It is designed as a disposition for juvenile cases in which the defendant pleads guilty and is placed on the decree/probation for six months.


The result of a criminal trial which ends in a judgment or sentence that the accused is guilty as charged.

Criminal Plea

The defendant's response to a criminal charge (guilty, not guilty or nolo contendere).