Social Security Number (SSN) Verification

It is important to verify the information provided by a candidate concerning his or her identity and where he or she has lived. This is the foundation of a solid background investigation and can help:

  • Verify the Social Security Number of the Applicant – Confirm that an applicant’s name and date of birth matches the information on file with the Social Security Administration for the social security number provided.
  • Verify Background Information Provided by Applicant – Confirm that the residence history provided on the job application matches the information on file with the Credit Bureaus and that there are no major inconsistencies.
  • Check for Aliases & Alternate Identities – Check for alternate names that have been associated with the applicant’s SSN. Can reveal an identity history that an applicant wishes to conceal.

Types of SSN Checks

Social Security Trace Check

Uncovers any names the applicant has used in the last seven years and the addresses associated with those names. Verifies that the applicant’s SSN is valid and has not been reported as belonging to a deceased individual.

Social Security Administration (SSA) Check

Checks whether the applicant’s name, SSN, sex and date of birth match the information on record with the Social Security Administration. 

Special Considerations:

Each applicant/employee must sign Authorization and Release form SSA-89 before a Social Security Administration Check can be completed. The authorization is good for only 90 days, unless otherwise noted.