Education/Professional License/Employment History License Check

Diplomas, degrees, previous employments and professional licenses and certifications are investigated for a variety of reasons:

  • To Ensure Applicants Meet Minimum Standards - Many positions require a certain level of education and/or previous experience in the field. Processing education and employment history verifications will ensure that an applicant’s listed information is true and correct.
  • Verify the Validity of a License or Certification - Professional licenses and certifications issued by an accredited agency are required for certain positions, such as education, finance, healthcare and many others. These credentials may be required by law, or may qualify an applicant for certain positions. In either case, it is important to verify that such licenses are in good standing, and that an employer is aware of any negative information on file with the licensing agency.

Types of Searches

Education - Verification of education background includes the date that degrees/diplomas were received and dates of attendance.               

Professional Licenses/Certifications - Verification of professional license/certification includes the dates that additional specialized training was received and/or confirmation of professional licenses or certifications.   

Employment - Verification of employment history includes dates of employment, position attained, salary information (if required), reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire