• Several courts within the state of California have begun removing DOB information from Public Access Terminals, and now require clerk assistance to confirm potential matches. This change has caused a large backlog and drastically increased the turnaround times for completion of searches in these jurisdictions. The courts with partial/fully redacted Dates of Birth: Alameda, Kern, Fresno, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Clara, Tulare, Ventura and Yuba

Pre-Employment Background Check Services with Corporate Investigations, Inc.

Corporate Investigations, Inc. (CII) is a national provider of background check services headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and founded by ex-FBI personnel. 

CII strives to assist employers in meeting and exceeding their goals for hiring the most qualified candidates, in an effort to improve the total quality of their workforce. The use of sophisticated computer technology combined with personal service provides clients with a fast, simple, cost-effective and accurate system to screen candidates. CII provides a full menu of background screening services which may be tailored to best suit client needs. Additionally, CII's CorpNet system provides 24/7 on-line retrieval of investigative information and submission of candidate(s)' application information. There are no start-up, maintenance or annual fees.

Corporate Investigations, Inc. (CII) is the premiere background screening company because we provide consistent results and superior customer service to our clients. Because background screenings are our business, CII understands the needs of today's employers both large and small. We are committed to helping you make knowledgeable hiring decisions. We are also aware that your industry, your corporate culture and your business needs are different. CII will partner with you to customize our screening services to meet your needs and expectations.

Industries we Serve

If you're not sure what type of background checks best fit your needs, select from the following list of industries that we serve to find out what searches are common for that industry:

  • Hospitality and Gaming
  • Education and Childcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Transportation
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Recruiting

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Services we Provide

To get started, choose from the following list of background check services:

  • Criminal Records Check
  • Social Security Number Verification
  • I-9 Employment Verification (E-Verify)
  • MVR Search
  • Government Sanctions Checks
  • Education, Employment and Professional License Check
  • Reference Check
  • Employee Credit Check
  • Drug Screening

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