Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) Search

When job duties include driving company vehicles or traveling on company business, a driving record check can help:

  • Protect Safety of Passengers – For employees who will be transporting passengers, a thorough check of the applicant's driving record can help identify and screen out unsafe drivers.
  • Ensure Safe Delivery of Cargo – When an employee is responsible for the timely delivery of goods, a motor vehicle records search can help ensure that important goods and materials make it to their destination safely and on time.
  • Company Reputation & Public Safety –When an employee wears a company uniform or drives a vehicle emblazoned with the company name, they may not only present a risk to others on the road – they can damage the corporate reputation as well.
  • Satisfy Insurance Requirements – Employees who drive a vehicle on company time (including employees, such as sales representatives, who drive their own vehicles) often must undergo a driving record check in order to satisfy company insurance requirements.

Special Considerations:

Employers can only search the driving record in the state where the applicant currently holds their driver’s license.