Criminal Records Check

Many companies conduct criminal background searches on potential employees in order to:

  • Protect the Safety of Your Employees & Customers – Identify applicants who have a history of violent crime and could pose a threat to others.
  • Safeguard Company Assets & Reputation – Help prevent employee theft to protect your company’s profitability. Minimize the threat of criminal misconduct to prevent damage to your company reputation.
  • Avoid Negligent Hiring Lawsuits – Demonstrate due diligence in the hiring process to protect your company from negligent hiring lawsuits.

Types of Criminal Background Checks

County criminal records check

A live, "hands-on" courthouse search. By searching the court houses directly (instead of searching a database, which is seldom as complete or up-to-date), you get the most accurate information, including details of criminal convictions and open cases.

Statewide criminal records check

A search of the State Central Criminal Repository, where all counties in the state are required to report their criminal records. Availability and fees vary according to state.

Nationwide criminal records check (RapidView)

A comprehensive database search followed by county court research of all “hits” to ensure accuracy and FCRA compliance. Search includes records from all 50 states, as well as the Federal Wanted Persons list, Terrorist Watch lists, and some Sex Offender registries.

Federal criminal records check

Identifies crimes that occurred on federal property as well as federal violations such as tax evasion, mail and wire fraud, drug trafficking and immigration law violations.

PA Unified Judicial System Search

A statewide search of the Court of Common Pleas criminal docket information using the Pennsylvania Judiciary's Web Application Portal.

Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) Search

The CPIC database is the official criminal record database of Canada and is operated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The database allows a single search that provides access to national criminal information from all Canadian provinces.  Summary offenses and pending cases may not be returned.  Additional documentation is requried by the CPIC - please contact CII for complete.

International Searches

Please contact CII for complete details on International Searches and pricing for each country.

Sex offender records check

May be conducted nationwide or on a state by state basis, based on an applicant’s present and previous addresses. Please note, the national sex offender registry may not include all levels of sex offenders.